Strategizing for Local News in 2023 

By Shannan Bowen,
Executive Director, NC Local News Workshop

In March, just after our 2022 News & Information Summit, the NC Local News Workshop and the NC Local News Lab Fund brought together dozens of people working in NC’s news and information ecosystem to discuss what a shared vision could look like for our state. We started with a draft vision: “Everyone in NC can find, trust and use high-quality news and information, delivered by organizations that can sustain themselves financially and operationally.” The attendees of our virtual brainstorm session discussed both challenges and opportunities in our statewide ecosystem, and how a shared vision could bring us all together to face them.

As we close the year and move into 2023, we want to focus on strategies for our shared vision. What can each of us accomplish in 2023 to work toward this shared vision? We asked for responses to this question from the talented, dedicated people working everyday to provide news and information to communities across our state. We’re featuring a selection of these perspectives through the new year, and we invite you to send in your own

Read the perspectives (this list is continuously updated):

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